Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Lost Ogle Moores

We have solid information on the family history of the four sons of George and Elizabeth Ogle Moore but scarce information on the two daughters Mary Anne Jane and Elizabeth. In fact all the genealogical information we have is that these two daughters existed. No DOB, DOD, marriage or births have come to light for Mary Anne Jane. Elizabeth married Edward Beauman in 1833, but little else. There is also rumoured to be another son Joseph Scroder Moore who went to New Zealand no other genealogical details are known for him.

Also missing is information on the Ogle Moore that migrated to Nova Scotia in 1809 and his descendents. I see there are many Ogle Moores who have lived in the USA over the years, are they connected to the Nova Scotia family?

Does anyone have any family history on these lost Ogle Moore's? If you have any family history information about these lost Ogle Moores, please let us know in the comments section so we can fill in the missing information.

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