Friday, January 15, 2010

"Molly Astore" by George Ogle to Maryann Moore

This is a poem written to Maryann Moore by George Ogle. He proposed to Maryann however, she knocked back his offer. Later George married Maryann's sister Elizabeth and Maryann married her cousin John. This couple named their son after George Ogle who had no children of his own.

Molly Astore

As down by Banna’s banks I strayed,
One evening in May,
The little birds in blithest notes,
Made vocal every spray;
They sung their little tales of love, 
They sung them o’er and o’er. 
An grá-ma-cree, ma colleen óge,
My Molly astore.

I laid me down upon a bank,
Bewailing my sad fate,
That doomed me thus the slave of love,
And cruel Molly’s hate;
How can she break the honest heart
That wears her in its core?
An grá-ma-cree, ma colleen óge,
My Molly astore.

You said you loved me, Molly dear!
Ah! why did I believe?
Yet who could think such tender words
Were meant but to deceive?
That love was all I asked on earth—
Nay, Heaven could give no more.
An grá-ma-cree, ma colleen óge,
My Molly astore.

Then fare thee well, my Molly dear!
Thy loss I e’er shall moan,
Whilst life remains in this fond heart,
‘Twill beat for thee alone;
Though thou art false, my Heaven on thee
Its choicest blessings pour.
An grá-ma-cree, ma colleen óge,
My Molly astore.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kissing Cousins

The Ogle Moore clan began with the children of John and Maryann Moore. These two were reportedly first cousins.

Maryann Moore B: 1745 Linraken, Ireland. Daughter of William Moore and Francis Hodson.
John Moore: B: Morocco.

This couple had 5 children:
  • George Ogle Moore married ELizabeth Armstrong (6 children).
  • Lorenzo Moore married Lady Eliza Sophia (4 children).
  • Lt Ogle Moore
  • Oliver Moore
  • John Moore
Little information is known by the author about Ogle, Oliver and John Moore.