Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Very Reverend William Ogle Moore

(My third great grandfather).
Son of George Ogle Moore
(Jurisperitus (lawyer), barrister, MP for Dublin) and Elizabeth Armstrong. The only son not to migrate to Australia.
Born: 1801 Dublin, Ireland.
Died : 1874 South Kensington, Brompton, London, England UK.

Married: 23rd April 1833 Anna Casey by Special License at Ely Place Dublin, Ireland.

Anna was the daughter of Thomas Casey MP of Kilamallock and Anna de Cloise. (Middle name of Anna Casey is recorded differently in different documents. Sometines Alicia, Alice or Wilhelmina.)
Born: 1809

Died: 112th September 1882. Somerset, UK.

11 children. John James Ogle, Edward Ogle, Henry (Hy) Ogle, Hildebrand Ogle, Sarah Ogle, Jane Ogle, Alice Mary, AnneWilhelmina, Francis Ogle, Helen Ogle and Unknown.
The three boys John, Edward and Henry all migrated to Australia.

The Very Reverened William Ogle Moore was Dean of Clogher, Dean of Cashel and Treasurer of the County informery, Cashel.
Mr Knight ed at Bath, ent. Trinity College Dublin, Nov. 2, 1818, aged 17, B.A. 1823, M.A. 1857, C. Blessington to 1833, Blessington with Kilbride 1833-56, Dean of Cashel 1856-61. Resigned the Rectory of Clogher in 1873. In consequence of disestablishment the Deanery became severed from the Rectory.

"Cathedral Clogher"

Griffiths valuation of Ireland County Wicklow records The Very Reverend William Ogle Moore as landowner of the following land:
  • Ballyfolan, Kilbride, Wicklow
  • Cloghleagh, Kilbride, Wicklow
  • Kilbride, Kilbride, Wicklow
  • Knockatillane, Kilbride, Wicklow

Friday, September 18, 2009

The First Generation of Our Ogle Moores'

Generation 1

1. GEORGE OGLE MOORE-1. He was born 1775. He died 1847. Represented Parliament Dublin Ireland 1826 -1831. He married ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG the daughter of James Armstrong.
GEORGE OGLE MOORE & ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG. They were married 1800 and had 6 children. Three of their sons came to Australia, two daughters and one son remained in Ireland.

i. LORENZO MOORE. He was born 1st September 1808 Kilbride Manor, County Wicklow Ireland. Commenced a military career and then later a religious minister in Austrlalia and new Zealand. He died 1894 in Nelson, New Zealand.
ii. THE VERY REVEREND WILLIAM OGLE MOORE. He was born 1801. He married Casey -Anna. They were married 1833 in Ely Place Dublin, Ireland. He died 1874 in South Kensington, Brompton, London, UK. Employment was Dean of Clogher.
iii. JAMES MOORE. He was born 1807 Kilbride, county Wicklow, Ireland. He died 1895 in Richmond Victoria. Employment Barrister at Law/Squatter. Travelled the continent and migrated to Melbourne Victoria. He took up land at St Kilda and other parts of Victoria. Computroller of Melbourne Savings Bank. Married Harriet Maria Watton in 1842.
iv. JOHN OGLE MOORE. He was born 1801. He married Elizabeth Jones. They were married 1837. Arrived in Australia 1852 aboard "TheRattler" with his wife and children and 2-3 servants.). He died on 30 Jan 1885. Address in Tallarook Station via Seymour and Alexandra St East St Kilda, Victoria.
vi. ELIZABETH MOORE. She married Edward Beauman. They were married 1833.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Unravelling the Moore Family

My story of the Moore family begins way back in Wexford Ireland.

The Hon. George Ogle was married to Elizabeth Moore. This couple had no children of their own, so when Elizabeth's sister Mary Anne married her cousin John Moore, they named their first born son after George Ogle.

George Ogle Moore was born in 1770 and died in 1847. George represented the city of Dublin Ireland in parliament from 1826 to 1831. He married Elizabeth Armstrong in 1800.

One of their sons John, came to Australia in 1852 on board "The Rattler". They came as unassisted immigrants and even had two or three servants with them on their journey. John's family consisted of: John jnr, Arthur, Charles, Lorenzo, Ogle James, Elizabeth, Louisa and George.

On arrival in Australia, John snr's occupation was listed as 'Squatter' on the Tallarook run in Victoria. It's not known where he went from here, but he and some of his family lived for many years at Alexandra Street, East St. Kilda, Melbourne. John died on 30th January 1885 .

Ogle James Moore married Isobel Clara Webb in Albury NSW in 1866. He was born in Dublin Ireland in 1837 and died at Glen Innes NSW in 1898.

Their children were: Richard Ogle Moore, John Ogle Moore, Marguerita Scott Moore, Linda Constance Moore , Elizabeth Gertrude Isabel Moore,Thomas Mitchell Moore and Ogle James Moore.

Richard Ogle Moore married Charlotte Evelyn Robinson in 14th June 1899.

This journey began for me with my grandfather JOHN JAMES OGLE MOORE, known to most people as Jack.
Born:15 Jul 1907 North Coolgardie
Born to: James Ogle moore and Mary Dryden.
Married: 23 Mar 1935 Kalgoorlie to Irene May Moore at St Mary's Kalgoorlie.
Died:1984 North Perth
Employment: Miner, Storekeeper, Private WW11.
Jack married May Moore and had 2 children Marie Ellen Moore and John James Moore.

It appears that Jack was a very private man. He had little to do with his family throughout his life. I only met Jack in the last few months of his life. Although he had no contact he was well versed in what we had been doing in our lives. He remained a mystery man.