Saturday, October 31, 2009

John James Ogle Moore

Born: 1836, Dublin, Ireland.
Died: 8th November1906, Melbourne Victoria, Australia.

John was the son of the Very Reverend William Ogle Moore (Dean of Clogher) and Anna Casey. He was born in Ireland and married Susan Griffith at St Anne’s Parish Dublin in 1862, daughter of Walt Hussey Griffith and Jane Henn. In this same year their first child George was born and in 1863 the small family boarded the “Result” for a new life in Australia. The couple’s family grew to 3 daughters and another son in Australia, sadly one of the daughters Alice died in infancy in 1866.

In 1872 John and his brother Edward were squatters at Deniliquin in NSW. It was here that two of his children, James Ogle Moore and Emma Teresa Moore were born. He also spent some time in Griffiths where his name has been approved by the council for use on streets or parks. Another brother, Henry Ogle Moore also came to Australia and was the second doctor in Dandenong, Victoria in 1879. John’s son James Ogle Moore went to Western Australia in 1900, where he married and remained until his death in 1947.

During the period 1886 until his death in 1907 of a malignant throat tumour, John resided at Kew with his wife and two daughters. The house they lived in was called “Tawarra” and was located at 56 Princess Rd Kew. The property passed to his wife Susan and then his spinster daughters Emma and Jane. Both John and Susan are interned together at the
Boroondara Cemetery and these are photos of the grave were taken in 2009.

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