Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Very Reverend William Ogle Moore

(My third great grandfather).
Son of George Ogle Moore
(Jurisperitus (lawyer), barrister, MP for Dublin) and Elizabeth Armstrong. The only son not to migrate to Australia.
Born: 1801 Dublin, Ireland.
Died : 1874 South Kensington, Brompton, London, England UK.

Married: 23rd April 1833 Anna Casey by Special License at Ely Place Dublin, Ireland.

Anna was the daughter of Thomas Casey MP of Kilamallock and Anna de Cloise. (Middle name of Anna Casey is recorded differently in different documents. Sometines Alicia, Alice or Wilhelmina.)
Born: 1809

Died: 112th September 1882. Somerset, UK.

11 children. John James Ogle, Edward Ogle, Henry (Hy) Ogle, Hildebrand Ogle, Sarah Ogle, Jane Ogle, Alice Mary, AnneWilhelmina, Francis Ogle, Helen Ogle and Unknown.
The three boys John, Edward and Henry all migrated to Australia.

The Very Reverened William Ogle Moore was Dean of Clogher, Dean of Cashel and Treasurer of the County informery, Cashel.
Mr Knight ed at Bath, ent. Trinity College Dublin, Nov. 2, 1818, aged 17, B.A. 1823, M.A. 1857, C. Blessington to 1833, Blessington with Kilbride 1833-56, Dean of Cashel 1856-61. Resigned the Rectory of Clogher in 1873. In consequence of disestablishment the Deanery became severed from the Rectory.

"Cathedral Clogher"

Griffiths valuation of Ireland County Wicklow records The Very Reverend William Ogle Moore as landowner of the following land:
  • Ballyfolan, Kilbride, Wicklow
  • Cloghleagh, Kilbride, Wicklow
  • Kilbride, Kilbride, Wicklow
  • Knockatillane, Kilbride, Wicklow


  1. See the following page:

    "The Wicklow World of Elizabeth Smith" also contains detailed descriptions of William Ogle Moore

  2. Thanks for that. I have read the diaries of Elizabeth Smith and found them fascinating. A real peek into the Very Reverand.... and his family.

  3. The grave stone states

    Here reseth the mortal part of Elizabeth Moore widow of George Moore QC LL.D, MP for Dublin 1826-1831,Mother of Ogle William Moore M.A the last Dean of the United Church of England and Ireland. She died in the deanery house 8th October 1869 aged 87

    Clogher Church of Ireland (Co: Tyrone)

    Hayes Peoples History blog

  4. Dean Ogle Moore hed the Clogher (County Tyrone) Deanery from 1862-1874

    Hayes Peoples Blog

  5. Thank you for providing that information. How interesting that William was the last Dean of the united Church I must read up on that.