Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kissing Cousins

The Ogle Moore clan began with the children of John and Maryann Moore. These two were reportedly first cousins.

Maryann Moore B: 1745 Linraken, Ireland. Daughter of William Moore and Francis Hodson.
John Moore: B: Morocco.

This couple had 5 children:
  • George Ogle Moore married ELizabeth Armstrong (6 children).
  • Lorenzo Moore married Lady Eliza Sophia (4 children).
  • Lt Ogle Moore
  • Oliver Moore
  • John Moore
Little information is known by the author about Ogle, Oliver and John Moore.


  1. You may be interested in the following extract from the will of John Richard Churchill Sabine of Muckleford dated 17 February 1828:

    And upon further trust after payment of the said annuity of sixty pounds and subject thereto to pay my natural daughter Elizabeth Constance aged thirty one years or thereabouts and now lately residing as a governess in the family of George Moore Esq Member of Parliament for Dublin the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds to and for her own use and benefit to be paid her within six months after my decease.

    The family concerned is that of the George Ogle Moore and Elizabeth Armstrong mentioned in this blog.

    1. hi david, I am a descendant of John Richard Churchill Sabine (my GGGGF). Do you possibly have a full copy of his will? I would love to get a hold of it!

  2. Thanks David I did not know that. Another piece of the story comes into place.