Saturday, July 5, 2014

George Moore - 1778

George Moore was a politician in Dublin. Father to both James Moore and the Very Reverend William Ogle Moore. He was a protestant and spoke out against Catholic relief and other policies relating to Catholics.
(I wonder how he would feel about the number of Catholic ancestors he has today?)

Described by Richard Shiel

a man distinguished at the Irish bar for the urbanity of his manners, set off by a sweet smile, a look of ruddy juvenility at 48, a formidable flow of tautology and a great charm and gentleness of demeanour, which rendered him an agreeable companion and endeared him to all those who mixed with him in the intercourse of private life. He was known to be a strong politician, but his aspect, intonations and his address made those who differed from him pay little regard to any acerbity in his opinions.9"
9R.L. Sheil, Sketches of Irish Bar (1854), ii. 357-8; New Monthly Mag. (1831), ii. 1-2.

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George Moore Political life

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